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Julia Campbell

General Manager

The Meta Branded Content Project

David Kennedy

Chief Revenue Officer  

Oahu Publications, Inc.

Martha de la Torre

CEO and Publisher

El Clasificado

Peter Lamb brings immediate impact to every sales training and coaching experience. Through the Meta Branded Content Project, Peter created six-figure revenue success stories for media companies of all shapes and sizes. His creative coaching methods developed millions of dollars of new revenue for media companies through actionable advice, engaging sales guidance, and decades of real-world experience. Any project or publisher is lucky to have Peter lead their teams to business sustainability and new growth!

I was introduced to Peter Lamb when he spoke at a Black Press executive conference in Whistler.  I was blown away because I had not seen a better more polished speaker that new the newspaper industry as well as he did.  He makes you think, he makes you create, he makes you better.  After meeting Peter I have had him come to Hawaii every year for the past 5 years to train, motivate and escalate the staff.  Peter also brings fresh perspective and new revenue ideas as well.  He helps craft a culture of success and for the Star-Advertiser sales and leadership team we have had very little turnover and I have seen a tremendous growth in our staff and management team over these past 5 years.  I would highly recommend Peter to any business.

Peter has been cascading excellence at El Clasificado since 2001. Through his Leadership and Training, he has made us more focused, think bigger, manage strategically and lead towards goals with weekly and daily KPI’s. Three weeks after Peter's initial consultation, our classified revenues grew by 17%.  Peter Lamb significantly contributed to helping transform El Clasificado from a company that generated $2 million in annual revenues in 2001 to the media company it is today, a $22 million multi-media company serving Latino communities throughout the U.S.  We have a five-year plan to grow to $60 million in annual revenues and Peter Lamb will definitely be an integral part of our training program.

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